Saturday, May 9, 2009

SeaWorld Friday

When we drive from Santa Barbara to Ventura for shopping trips we always talk about the different animals that live in the ocean. We have books where Vera has seen and asked questions about the pictures of dolphins and whales. So, SeaWorld has been on our list of to-do items. J and I both thought Vera would love it and would be enthralled with the large sea animals.

Nothing could have prepared the two kiddos for our first didn't help the situation that Vera and Keller were in the soak zone as the dolphins waved their flippers at the crowd and ended up with saltwater in their eyes. J still swears he "accidentally" used Keller as a shield. They were more freaked than awed. Later in the day we went to a pet show and that was Vera's favorite. All these amazing animals and we have about 20 photos of Vera petting a couple of different dogs.

Find the Mazzettas waiting for the Dolphin Show!

The feeding exhibits and viewing areas fit our family better. J and I were thrilled when Vera wanted to feed the seals. We are still questioning, does she realize she was holding dead, whole fish in her hand?

My favorite area was the Artic Circle. There were polar bears, beluga whales, and a HUGE walrus. When J took this photo it was just Keller and him by the window and I guess Keller kind of toppled backwards trying to get away. He was okay Nonni.

One of my good friends, Red, joined us for the day. Having another person come with the family is great because you have an extra set of hands (especially when parents forget to bring a stroller and are too cheap to rent one). However, how do they feel? Was she bored? Being with our foursome is not easy. Keller screeches pretty much constantly now and Vera was off her game from staying up too late in the car ride. I wanted to just explain to Red that they are really happy children...and yet they are children. It is always a roller coaster. Red put on a very brave face and we loved hanging with her.

One of the best parts of the day was feeding the stingrays at the very end. They were enormous and you would hold the little fish up to their mouths and they would vacuum it off your hand. Both Vera and Keller got to pet them...made the day.

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