Monday, May 17, 2010

B's Bridal Shower

B's getting married and we celebrated with lots and lots of polka dots! My responsibilities this time around were to make the wine glasses for favors and dessert. Crafting and baking are two of my favorite things and I was in heaven.

I painted the glasses, but it was CC's suggestion of "Love" tags and a little bit of color that completed their look.

My desserts were all kind of cheats in that I used boxes of cakes and brownies. Oh, and those rice krispy treats are the prepackaged ones that you can buy at Costco. What rice krispy treats you might ask? Those ones that I tried to mold onto lollipop sticks. I am always trying to put treats on sticks for looks, but now can say I am officially done. I have now tried both cookies and rice krispies. No matter what I do, the weight of the dessert makes it slide down the stick. I think I will just stick with designing them and placing on a platter.

Oh, but melting chocolate that you can then write with...that is fun. I see lots of uses for the future. Even just making birthday or Tuesday treats for my kids.

Blonde Carol makes the yummiest food and I love that she places it on a narrow counter between the kitchen and comfy couch room. Love the presentation and taste!

Bride-to-be and Vera:

Something about this shot, I love it. It could be that V is being an utter goofball and has distracted Tay or the fact that the three adults are just ignoring the whole situation and smiling for the camera. It is a little known fact about having your picture taken with a kid, just stare at the camera and continue to smile. There is no blinking or looking down at the kiddo. Because, the minute you stop to see what your kid is doing or to try and adjust them, your baby will make the most adorable face in the entire world and hold it for exactly one second.

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