Saturday, May 8, 2010

Santa Ynez Half Marathon

I would so love to say that this was an easy run, but that wouldn't be quite truthful. For about 9 miles I felt good and there were pretty horses to view and lots of people to watch. And while there were still people to watch after mile 9, it did get a little hairy. The muscles got sore and I had to repeat the mantra, "I can do anything for half an hour." It worked! 13.1 miles have been completed and my first half marathon is done.

The fun part, I ran with my friend Deb the entire way. Never before have I been the type of person who runs well with others. I always worry about my huffing and puffing and how I sound. But, it makes the time go fast and is entertaining. I seriously can't believe we ran that far.

Santa Ynez and the surrounding area is beautiful, there are rolling hills, grape vines, and all that good stuff. But, you know what I think about first when someone asks me how the race went...the port-a-potties. Yep, a bathroom near me is always my first priority. Well, except when said bathrooms are super stinky and you have to stand near them waiting for a race to start. Then, they just make me want to vomit in my mouth.