Sunday, May 23, 2010

Photo Collection

Just a few more pics from B's Bridal Shower that I really liked. Vera is such a nut-ball in photos lately that catching a good picture of her smiling is my new Holy Grail.

Run, Keller, run!

The girls were playing a new game, jumping from the table to the couch called "Scare My Mom to Death."

So cute and excited about her new bikini.

OMG, if I could just nibble them to pieces I would. Keller's face in this pics is pretty priceless and Vera...loving the feather hair clip. I made that clip to be in the SB Solstice Parade and Vera found it recently and has been kicking it non-stop. She keeps saying, "Everyone thinks I am a-dor-a-ble!

Last but not lease, I would not be a proud faux aunt if I didn't tell you about Tay's first bike ride! Whoo-hoo...good times riding down to farmer's market on Saturday.

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