Tuesday, November 23, 2010

1st Time Hiking

The idea here is to warm the kiddos into hiking, so that they will not just do it, but learn to LOVE it. First step = a half mile walk from Steven's Park. There was plenty to do and lots of poison oak to avoid. Note to self, kids love having to avoid certain plants.

Okay, it might not have been something to do, but this debris catcher was pretty darn cool.

Happy hiking face!

There is nothing like finding a HUGE pile of dirt to explore. It was all fun and games until Keller (playing with a stick) managed to flick dirt into his eyes. It wasn't just a small amount of dirt. The boy was crying dirty tears and it wasn't all coming out. There is some back story here. Several different times now Keller has had to have sand/dirt/etc. rinsed out of his eyes at various parks with large amounts of water. It requires me to hold him down and a friend to pour water into his eye/s. Oh, it is so traumatic and now when even a little speck of dirt falls into his eye he starts screaming that he doesn't want water torture. It is so dramatic and horrible!

There is nothing more fun than playing with sticks in a hole filled with water. Good times!

To end the hike (or at least make the turn around), the kids explored the creek. By explore, I mean they got muddy and wet.

By muddy, I mean really muddy!

Ahhhh! We made it back to the park after our adventure, all in one piece and for the most part smiling.

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