Monday, November 22, 2010

Our Week in Review

After a long, long run with no sickness in our family, this past week decided it was time to bite our family in the butt. Vera fell at the beginning of the week with a fever/stomach "thing." Then, Keller's boogers and croupy cough decided to rear its ugly head on Wednesday.

It so happened that on Thursday we were finally able to pay our friends back for watching our kids the weekend of Julia's wedding. Little Ray and B were booked to stay with us Thursday to Saturday morning and Keller's cough wasn't going to keep the babysitting from happening. Then, Little Ray went down for a nap Thursday afternoon and woke up with a fever. Whew! That was the end of me. I think that should be all my sickness for the year.

We had a lot of indoor, tv, and arts and crafts time. I can't even count how many puzzles we finished. At one point I went to Ross and bought new puzzles to keep Vera entertained. It was that kind of week.

Yes, I admit that I like this picture because it reminded me that Keller is almost 100% a lefty and it makes me think of mom.

The only picture I took during the weekend. Four was challenging in that one always needed something. It was especially hard at night when one would need the light on, the other the light off, the third a glass of water, and the fourth just wanted to sleep despite all of the racket. Yep, all four kiddos slept in the same room.

After our friends had left, we headed to the UCSB Women's Basketball Game. It was so much fun family time and I am addicted. We will definitely be going to more games this season. Living here, I don't know why we haven't been before...I am guessing it has something to do with the kiddos ages. Vera became a Gaucho Kid (meaning she got a t-shirt and now gets into games free), the game went into double overtime (very exciting) before losing by 1 stinking point, and the kids got tons of compliments on how well they behaved. Oh, and we got a free t-shirt! Vera of course commented over and over about how much she liked the cheerleaders. No honey, you just keep watching the tall girls on court...I swear I won't influence her...too much.

Can you find the independent kiddos?

Do you think she was excited?

Our weekend ended with an old-fashioned game of beauty salon with Daddy as a good sport. Seriously, still wondering how Vera managed to get the bows to stay in his very short hair.

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Julia said...

Haha, Keller looks like a drunken frat guy in you bball family pic :)