Monday, November 15, 2010

Santa Barbara Harbor

In my hopes of getting a family photo last night, I dragged the Mazzetta Crew + my big sis to the Santa Barbara Harbor to snap off a few shots. Vera had complained earlier in the day that her eyes hurt, but I chalked it up to being a kid and that it had passed. Well, it turns out she really was not feeling well. Let the mommy guilt set in for dragging her to the location and then asking her over and over again to smile for the camera.

Needless to say, the family shots are 3 people smiling and one little miss having a rough time.

The one photo that I really like is of Krista and me. Look at that belly, 6 months along and she is looking fantastic. I am just itching to be an auntie (several times over, if you are reading this Jules. :)


Krista said...

Hope you got at least a couple that looked good of all 4 of you! That's my fave of us, too.

nonni said...

This is a great pic of the 2 of you indeed!

Julia said...

Great pic indeed! Krista looks fantastic, you too Keara. In regards to future Clauson nieces/nephews...maybe in a few years :)