Monday, November 29, 2010

San Francisco Zoo

Hello SF Zoo, we were very pleased to meet you. Oh, and we were super impressed that you let visitors see where the animals hang at night. To Vera's delight there were reindeer, zebras, a rhino, and bears...all animals that she does not get to visit at the SB Zoo.

There was also this guy.

Lucky for us, Opa met us at the zoo for some fun family time. that Christmas decorations are up.

Yes, there were different pictures of different family members posed as different animals. This was the best one. It was followed closely by Jan as a peacock and Vera as a spider.

Have you ever seen an anaconda? It was the biggest snake I have every seen in my entire life. It was HUGE! His body had to be a small dinner plate size around.

Gotta love Yoda Chimp.

Group shot, so fun to have our two sides of the family together.

This little area was my favorite part of the entire zoo. First, it was quite chilly outside and this little area was heated. Second, it is called the giraffe lounge. Third, you get to be really close to cool giraffes eating their dinner.

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