Sunday, March 20, 2011

5-Year Appointment

Can somebody help a girl out? Really nurse, I know you saw my daughter and still left this robe for her to put on. Is it made for a 3-year-old? Did you maybe have a medium at least? This one is one size fits small. That said, the real reason for the post...

Weight: 56 pounds
Height: 48 inches

The doctor guesstimated her final height at 5'11, but only time will tell if that is correct. She is also healthy, happy, and intelligent. The doctor's words, not mine. ;)

  • Horses and dogs are still around. This kid really needs a pet, recently she took our newly bought sucker fish for a tour of her room.
  • Taking photos of everything and anything
  • The monkey bars
  • Blogging/typing on the computer
  • Science
  • Keller - When I asked for her likes, the three she listed were: science, horses, and Keller. Awwww...makes this mama happy!
  • Bananas - Is she really my daughter?
  • Brushing her hair
All in all, 5 has been good for us. She is a huge help around the house and loves to play games that entertain her brother. Her maturity has reached a new level and it is fascinating to just sit and pick her brain to find out how she thinks. She is still at an age where she loves to tell us stories and get cuddles. All if this comes with a side of attitude, which has me slightly worried about when she will be 13.

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Krista said...

Chica is rocking the mini dress look!