Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Baby, Baby, Baby

New baby chicks! Seriously, it makes me want to buy a few, then I remember that they grow into chickens that poop all over the place and aren't really cute and cuddly. Still, if we had the room I would consider getting a few. Fresh eggs are so tempting and the chicks are darn cute.

Speaking of babies, mine is due August 16th. The third Mazzetta Baby is causing a ruckus with this mama already. I almost wrote an entire post moaning and groaning about my first trimester. I stopped myself just short, because that would not be fun reading. Plus, there is just no polite way to say puke.

Oh, and my sister had her baby girl! The babe is an adorable little one and the sis is adjusting to the no sleep pattern. Whew!


Julia said...

woo hooo, congrats to Krista and Dan! also, super excited for Mazzetta baby #3!

Julia said...

I wanna see pics of Samantha!

brooke said...

No way! Congrats!!!