Monday, March 21, 2011

Rainy Day

Yesterday it poured non-stop, today it rained off and on. The kiddos + friends took a break to head to the beach to run off some energy and save my (and the other mom's) sanity. Now, the plan was to keep the kids out of the water, since the ocean after rain tends to be slightly polluted. Yeah right! Instead, it turned into a plan to give the kids all showers as soon as we got home.

I was surprised how many surfers were catching waves. Haven't they heard that the water can be polluted. I wanted to go all mom on them and explain it, but figured it wouldn't be my place.

Whale slobber was all over the beach!

Keller almost immediately face planted and got a face full of whale slobber and sand. Yuck!

This little guy was the smart one who stayed out of the ocean.

Not this one, he recovered from his fall and proceeded to get thoroughly soaked.

I haven't minded the rain (for two days), but know that if it continues we will all get a little stir crazy. How do people do it when they live in places where you actually have winter? We rely on going to parks and running outdoors.

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