Tuesday, April 14, 2009


We headed out today for Vera's 3 year old and Keller's 9 month appointment. Whew! Lesson learned, I will never schedule the two kiddos for a joint appointment again. It just felt like chaos getting both of them checked, their shots given, and my questions answered. Plus, it felt like a very long appointment and by the end I wanted out of that little room almost as much as Keller.

Vera is weighing in at a very healthy 40 pounds and is 41 inches tall. We are going back into battle against her curving feet, kind of a bummer after all that has already been done. The doc just feels like now is the time to change things. She was also due for a shot and was a champ. Sitting calmly on my lap she didn't make a peep before or after the shot. In fact, she threw more of a fit when I was taking off the shot band-aid than when the shot was given. Should I type shot one more time just for fun?

Keller's appointment was a bit concerning. Turns out our little boy is 90th percentile for height and 50th for weight. I don't know if this in itself would be a concern, but the fact that he is anemic is. We are upping the iron for the next couple of weeks to see if we can make a change. He didn't weather his shots as well as Vera did hers and so I had a cranky baby on my hands today. He always seems to break a small fever after.

Here is to hoping that everything makes a change for the better in the next couple of weeks. Their health problems are minor, yet still hard to hear. You want everything to be great at these appointments and it is a little disconcerting when there are action items (so business like) that need to be taken.


Krista said...

How are you upping his iron? Gonna feed him more pureed spinach? Giving in and giving him cow?

Good Times and Chaos said...

No cow yet, but lots of greens and fortified stuff. Hey, if you happen to spot a liquid iron supplement...I am on a quest.