Sunday, April 19, 2009

Gotta Love a Painted Tree

Hot weather in Santa Barbara is the perfect time for BBQing. Mo and the G-Man were up for hosting, which fully works well for us because they have a very kid friendly house...with a TIRE SWING! There is nothing I would have loved more as a kid than to have a tire swing. They also have a very cool, painted dead tree. Seeing that tree really made me love them even more.

Keller loving the swing. Well, kind of, he couldn't really decide if he wanted to swing or to whimper when Daddy took his hand off.

Of all the hundreds of photos I take I get a few that I really like, this is one of them.

Fun for all ages!

Add a hula hoop and Vera was a happy camper.

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Krista said...

Very cute that you & V. match :-)