Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ty at Bat

Two blogs in one day, I am playing catch-up. During the last weekend of March J's aunt and uncle were in town to watch his cuz play baseball. The last time his cuz was in town to play baseball...very long story...his cousin had emergency surgery while here. Yep, not fun for the poor kid (who is 19 and is the new kid, J and I are giving up that title). I say with a HUGE sigh of relief that things went much better this time around and the whole family had a chance to see Ty run the bases.

Here, you have Uncle B and Keller playing switchees with their hats. Who is the the cutest, hard to tell from this photo. Although, I think I am going to give it so Keller for showing true baseball spirit and displaying his Buddha belly.

Ty at bat...and a great chance for J and I to practice taking photos of a person moving fast.

Crazy fans eating muchos amounts of jelly beans.

Such a good catcher!

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