Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tie-Dye Mania

What I really wish is for tie-dye to be acceptable wear all the time as an adult. I love it and it is good for the whole family (just don't tell J)! The kids are so darn cute wearing anything multi-colored and as an added bonus it hides all stains. These are the finished products from the our baby shower tie-dying experience. Vera and I now having matching dresses. Well, hers is a dress and mine is a top....same style...gotta love shopping in the little girl's department.

Vera dyed all of these onesies on her own. At certain points I forgot that she was handling the dye and I would look over at her and she would just have her pieces drowning in different colors. They all turned out amazing, which always makes me think that I should attack art at times more like a kid. Instead, I over analyze what colors are going to go together and try to figure out how they will look.

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