Saturday, April 11, 2009

Jack and Jill Baby Shower

Our friends Steph and Bry are having a baby! We are so excited that Keller and Marcus will be hanging out in just a few months. To celebrate the soon-to-be arrival of their little boy we helped host a Jack and Jilly Baby Shower (= co-ed, not twins) this weekend.

Steph is a fellow crafter and so tie-dye onesies seemed like the perfect fit for her shower. What, you want to know how to dye with the best of them, here I am explaining it in all its fun details:

I had never seen this game before! Bry and Steph were so darn cute putting the diaper on the grungy (but very cute) bear using only one arm each. Talk about teamwork.

One of these girls doesn't look like the others. Am I that tall?!?

Vera spent the last hour of the party creating a habitat for her new pet turtle. Seriously, doesn't this scream that this kid needs a pet?

Keller trying to explain to Amy that not getting a nap = cranky baby. We love you Amy, thank you again for the cute clothes! :)

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Julia said...

its looks like you're wearing protective gloves, so how is it that every single member of your family had tie dye hands/arms? the finished products looked very cool though :)