Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Convict Chaos

Our stay at Yosemite Cabin on Convict was full of fun, adventure, and just an eensy-weensy bit of total chaos. We went with good friends and our two girls loved fishing together, causing havoc, and running wild...all good things.

When did things get crazy? Well, when we stuffed four adults and four children into one room to sleep. Between snoring, farting, and having to get up to pee I don't think anyone got much sleep. The lack of sleep was a problem, but even worse was the fact i somehow didn't drink enough water on Saturday and ended up dehydrated. I was miserable...something I never want to experience again.


Not quite realizing how far the boys were going to walk for an early morning fishing session, I sent Vera with them. Feeling quite bad about the whole thing and realizing they were going to be out there for hours and hours with no sunscreen on her, I ended up hoofing it out to them and picking her up...then, carrying her back on my shoulders. Hmmm...good times? But, the kid did love fishing and J is already planning a session off the pier in Santa Barbara.


A very tame little chipmunk or squirrel. How do you tell? :) Keller and I were playing on the porch (see the above picture) and I thought this critter was going to scamper over my feet. He knows a good thing when he has it, the girls and Keller were constantly dropping food.

Keller with his hair styled by Rae.

Jamie and I chilling on the porch. It was so relaxed.

Vera at the hatchery. Or, as she would say, the place where the baby fish live.


Anonymous said...

Chipmunk definitely. Love the Keller photo in the cooler!

Fourth B

Kacie said...

J looks thrilled to be on that fishing trip! Love Mazzetta choas!