Friday, June 5, 2009

New Neigh-borhood

Our friends just moved to Santa Ynez and today was our first visit to their new home. Living in Santa Barbara, it is pretty rare that we travel to the Santa Ynez valley and then most commonly we stop in Solvang. Now, with friends living in the area, there are so many new activities for our family to explore. We are looking forward to future visits and new adventures.

Today was all about the miniature horses at Quicksilver Ranch.

Honestly, is there anything cuter? Vera has lately been obsessed with horses/cows. Well, all farm animals and the moms and babies of each. She wants to know which ones nurse and how. Made her day to see a foal nursing while standing up...maybe I have a vet on my hands.

Just for a size comparison. This was the smallest of the babes in the largest field area. Keller had interest for a bit and then he discovered that the dirt beneath him was wet and quite tasty.


Krista said...

That'd be awesome, then she could take care of all my pugs!

Julia said...

keara, i just noticed your "neigh" pun...nice!