Sunday, June 7, 2009

San Luis Obispo - Part 1

There are those days where everything just clicks. We met J's parents in SLO for a chill day of hanging out and a walk down memory lane. J and I met at Cal Poly and were married at the Mission....those are the big things, but really we just wanted to grub at all the different restaurants that we loved during college. Our lunch stop was Mondeo Pronto that serves yummy wraps and bowls California fusion style. So good! It was a tough decision as we passed over my favorite college Thai restaurant and Firestone's.

After lunch it was a trip to Bali's for fro-yo. I think Vera was in shock that we let her choose her own toppings. Hyper and happy, always a good combination.

The massive binge eating required a walk downtown where this was the best sight of the afternoon. He (the basset hound) was causing quite the commotion. Hello, his paw placement was awesome. How long does it take to train a dog to sit and pretend to drive?

We couldn't walk downtown without showing Vera bubble gum alley, which is basically a disgusting wall covered in gum. The funniest part, Vera perused it like fine art at a museum. She was fascinated by the different colors and gross factor. To date I have not let her have gum and she keeps seeing her friends chewing it. For all I know she was thinking that she would like to pop one of the pieces in her mouth.

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fourthbreakfast said...

Geez, this is making me really miss SLO. Great photos, and now I really want to go to Mondeo Pronto! Love the dog shot too!