Monday, June 29, 2009

Road to Convict Lake

After leaving our house at 10am, we were treated to a 7 hour drive to Convict Lake with two kiddos in the back of our car. Surprisingly, there were very few rough spots...and by that, I mean that Keller didn't scream the entire way...always a good thing. Our new trick, that worked like magic (fingers crossed that it will do it again) was that I had a basket with 50 or so small toys + straws, spoons, and other random items. If he started to get fussy I just threw a toy at him and this continued for 7 hours interspersed with bits to eat. A toothbrush ended up being a big hit.

First stop on the road was in Red Rock for lunch. Temp had to be in the 90s. It was also where J and I realized that we only had two water bottles in the car. Good planning, but I had lots of toys!

Our 2nd stop was in a random park in a random town with a stream running through it, clean bathrooms, and a drinking fountain where the water didn't taste half bad. Basically, heaven on a car trip.

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