Friday, June 19, 2009


It will come as shocking to many that we have been dogsitting for the last day and a half. J and I are not dog people, fully admit it. In fact, we are not sure that we are pet people in general. Other people talk about our kids, they like them to come over and play, but are ready for them to go home with us at the end of an exhausting afternoon. That is how I feel about pets. I love to cuddle them and play...and then leave their poop and 6am wake-up calls to their parents.

However, Vera has been in a dog/animal stage for the last several months. She leashes her little brother to pretend he is a dog or wants to be leashed herself. Her dog (the current one is named Icy) will ride in our car and when we go into a store she asks if her dog is allowed. She fully understands that he is pretend and if I tell her dogs are not allowed in the store or restaurant, she will ask about pretend dogs and whether or not he can come in if he really isn't there in the first place.

This is how we ended up dogsitting for Mocha. We figure it would be a good test. Could we be dog people and not really know it? The verdict - Mocha is one of the best dogs. He is mellow, gentle with the children, and most importantly...doesn't shed. But, until the kids are older and I don't have to worry about them whacking the dog (Keller) and we have a backyard of some sort...a dog is still waaaay in the future.


nonni said...

who is Mocha's rightful owner?

Krista said...

I was surprised at how soft Mocha is! He is a very gentle dog, too, even when Keller was his screeching monkey self, Mocha just looked concerned that the monkey was ok.