Thursday, August 5, 2010

2-Year Appointment

Keller had his 2-year doctor's appointment this week, only a month late. That is almost on-time in our world.

Weight: 31 pounds
Height: 36.5 inches

Really not much to say except that the tough dude got his shot without even a whimper. Oh, and the doc thinks his height will end somewhere between 6 '1 and 6'3. What do you think? Does that sound about right?

On a personal note, Keller and I were having a very sweet mother and son moment today cuddling on the bed. I was asking him his favorite part of today, which is my ritual with the kids. Keller's answer back is always the same, "Party!" It has been the same answer since the day of his birthday. Then, the Little Dude reaches over and starts to pick at the mole on my face. He then states, "Nipple!" Really!?! My two-year-old with limited vocabulary knows nipple and thinks there is one growing on my face. Nice.


Anonymous said...

hard to say....Jaso was a wee bit taller at that age(i/2 inch or so) and he was"supposed" to be 6'6"

Julia said...

apparently my mom (annonymous) was able to focus on keller's height after reading this post...while my only thought was "hehe...nipple"

nonni said...

not only nipple BUT PARTY as well....he's gonna be a "party animal" or is it "manimal?"