Saturday, August 28, 2010

Amy's Baby Shower for #3

A third baby for Amy is the best reason to celebrate with good food and good mom friend time.

Everything really is more appetizing when served with a wee little umbrella sticking out. The salami in the background tasted darn good as well. What is it about salami and why is it so darn yummy?

Is that a cute pregnant belly or what? She definitely has the whole basketball look going.

So, so yummy!

Although I didn't host the party, I did offer to make cupcakes. Originally I scoped out butterfly cupcakes on the Yummy Mummy site that were fantastic and elegant. It turns out that they were just a tiny bit harder then they looked and mine came out more preschool birthday party than baby shower. Instead I decided simple pink shaved chocolate on coffee chocolate cupcake. Cupcakes are hard! I thought they were a bit dry, not my favorite dessert to make I have decided.

Ridiculous photo of me and pregnant lady. the group shot with my ladies.

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Krista said...

Is it normal to have a shower for your third?! Or are you ladies at the "any excuse for a party is a good excuse" stage?