Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Godfather's Wedding

There are several things that I loved about Vera's godfather's wedding. First, there was a darn sexy officiant who performed the ceremony. I have to laugh though. Here my hubby is wearing a beautiful tux and looks so handsome. Upon seeing him a high school friend of J's who happened to be at the wedding as well leans over to me and whispers, "Wow, he is starting to wear pants that actually fit him." Yes, at 32 J has matured. :)

The beautiful couple!

My secret to keeping the kids quiet during the ceremony is to stuff a lollipop in each of their mouths.

I think every wedding that I go to from now on needs to have this yummy goodness as the take home treat. Hello kettle corn, come to mama!

We (the entire Mazzetta Crew at the party) loved the pink parasols handed out to guests. Great idea! Not only do they look gorgeous, they kept the kids busy. Uhmm...that was until it became Keller's one and only mission to destroy the pink umbrella at all costs.

He was egged on by this guy:

They also had ice cream!

Great wedding! Congrats to the happy couple, so excited for them to start their new life together.

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