Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Chinese Banquet

The final wedding activity of the weekend for A & O was a Chinese Wedding Banquet on Sunday night = yummy food and lots of it.

Very original centerpieces. I heart the artichoke!

Dude, J and I could not take a couple picture to save our lives. This was the best of the bunch, mainly because it is funny.

Again, loving the twigs and figs.

You ever notice how often a new groom will twiddle, tug, and twirl his wedding ring. I almost started to count.

J and his date, the lovely Ms. S.

Okay, I have to admit that I liked the look of these little guys, but couldn't quite make myself eat them. I don't even like my chicken to look like it had bones at one time. There was no way that I could swallow this sweet little guy all marinated in sauce.

Thank goodness for K & K who kept me entertained at Table #12.

Don't even ask.

So many fun festivities, such a good time!

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The Fallons said...

Um hello model in the black dress! You look phenomenal! And I think I spelled phenomenal wrong b/c there is no spell check and I have had too much wine :)