Sunday, August 8, 2010

SB Rodeo 2010

The kids and I decided to continue our horse theme of the week and yee-haw it up at the Santa Barbara Rodeo 2010. Keller napping early + Mama needing her daily kettle corn fix = rodeo time. I have to throw a huge thank you out to Mrs. E's family for helping to watch the kids, or I should say not being too annoyed with my little munchkins running back and forth in front of them. It helps that all parties involved today either have kids or grand-kids.

When did my baby get so big?

Vera was less than thrilled with the bronco riding.

But, loved the churros! :)

And, petting a horse.

The highlight of the day had to be this nice couple offering to let Vera sit on their miniature horse, Mattie, for a picture.

Hmmm...wait, watching the mutton busters in action was darn amusing.

My personal favorite:

Now, Vera disliked the bronco riding, but loved the bull riding. Same thing, right?

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