Wednesday, August 6, 2014

BlogHer'14 Continued

The format of BlogHer consists of large inspirational type speeches, small mini-sessions geared to one subject of blogging, an expo of sponsors and parties.  Most of it I was okay doing alone, but partying by myself wasn't going to happen.

There was no way that I was going to the suite parties by myself. Never having been to a conference (true fact), J had to explain to me that suite parties were basically sponsored parties in hotel rooms. Luckily, my main man partied with me. Here we are cramming our faces with candy at the Goldie Blox Suite Party. Alcohol + Candy + Kid's Toy = a bit of mess. J almost got taken out when an attendee fell to the ground and started rolling around. No bueno. After eating my weight in Swedish Fish, we booked it out of there and managed to hit all of the parties (some very, very briefly).


Probably one of the cooler sponsors was the band The Mrs. You stepped up to their area and talked with one of the reps for a bit and they then had you stand in front of a mirror with headphones on. Turns out that rep feels all of your information to "the mirror." Here the mirror is telling me what an amazing person I am and a great mother to my four children. Sweet!

Vera and J came to pick me up on Saturday with 1-hour of the Expo left. We snuck Vera in to grab some free swag. Again, booths love kids and she was so excited try everything and collect all the goodies.  We started with slushies from Sonic (with Nerds added, nothing like a little sugar with sugar added) and then hit up Baskin Robbins. Continuing our sugar theme, our next stop was the Nescafe lounge where she tasted the salted caramel chocolates. In her spare time, Vera managed to grab a game from the Chuck-e-Cheese booth and 8 pairs of sunglasses.  


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