Monday, August 25, 2014

Lake Fun

A 15 minute drive (because of some very, very bumpy and unpaved roads) from "our" cabin led us to the amazing Lost Creek Reservoir. Isolated and beautiful, it is amazing. My anxiety reared its ugly head, which means that all kiddos wore life vests, even those that can swim.

Even those that didn't go in the water had to wear their vests. 

Brrrr! It was refreshing! I made it 10 minutes before the kids talk of lake monsters forced this mama back to shore. Seriously, who talks about freshwater crocs while in a lake. ;)

J and the kids swam across the lake! Crazy, crazy, crazy!!


It might be my new favorite photo of Vera. 


Not only was there and amazing lake, surrounding the area are wild blackberry bushes. Yummy!

The big kiddos and J checking out the dam. 

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