Monday, August 11, 2014

Gus Turns 3!

Gus turned 3 this Saturday and we celebrated with a pirate themed party. 

I am especially proud of my balloon and crepe paper decorations. 

Truth, I planned very few games or activities, just expecting the kiddos to play outside on the cars and run around crazy style. The Shoot the Fish idea was a last minute throw together once TaTa mentioned that she was giving Gus 12 water guns for his birthday. It was necessity, aim your water pistol at these huge pieces of paper instead of at adults, the food table, or babies' faces. 

Surprisingly, quite a few octopus dogs were put in the fridge at the end of the party.  Maybe people don't like their hot dogs to have faces? ;)

The second activity! I did warn everyone to wear old clothes. 

I love when adults get in on the games. 

Whoops! I guess we weren't paying enough attention to PJ. At least the paint is non-toxic and I cleaned her up right after taking this photo. 


It is going to be tradition that the birthday kid gets a photo with mom and dad. 

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