Thursday, August 28, 2014

More From the Cabin

Just about the time our family needed a distraction, we were joined by House Von Clas' owners, a rad family. J has known Bry since high school and they generously let us stay at their cabin (named House Von Claus. No Bry in sight, he had to work, J got to feel what it would be like to have two wives and six children. It was crazy fun...lots and lots of boy energy. Poor Vera and Pearl!

Steph brought supplies to make dream catchers.

See behind J, that is bear spray and we saw bear poop on some of our walks. Ask me and I can tell you about the time I went running by myself and gave myself a heart attach thinking that a boxer was not in fact a dog, but instead a  mini bear rustling through the bushes.

We made many meals, including Dutch Babies.

The kiddos discovered Kinetic Sand.

Keller found a buddy.

You can never have too many art supplies.

More pizza!

Gorgeous views!

The remaining pictures do sum it up, an adventure that I hope the kids will remember for many years. Tons of fun, many laughs, a few freak outs, a hell of a long drive with kids needing to pee every hour on the hour, a chance to learn about fire safety, log jumping, lake swimming, and just about everything and anything in between.


Thanks Steph and Bry!!!


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