Thursday, September 2, 2010

Santa Barbara Dog Show

On Sunday, Vera and I attended the Santa Barbara Dog Show...otherwise known as Vera's idea of heaven. We spent over 5 hours watching 150 different breeds prance around rings trying to win Best of Show.

As I watch a rodeo or horse show I have thoughts of living on a ranch, learning to barrel race, and marrying a man in chaps (or at least J wearing chaps). However, attending a dog show does not make me want to buy sensible shoes, a skirt that falls just below the knee, and start breeding dogs to find the perfect look.

If I were to buy a dog today, I like this one. The Giant Schnauzer is AWESOME!

I don't know why this amused me, but it did. These were my favorite dogs of the show except that the only thing I can imagine when I loook at them is that the shedding must be awful.

The show also gave me the perfect opportunity to practice shooting fast moving subjects.

Is it a dog or is at a mop?

My budding photographer:

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