Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Craft Project

This dress has it all, a knit top and a flannel/comfy skirt. Oh yes, and a beautiful hem at the bottom. The hem really makes the dress. Can you even see it in this picture? :)

Two-ish weeks ago my sister walks in for our normal breakfast with this wee dress under her arm. She has knit the top and sewed the skirt to said cute halter. Then, here is the big kicker. She wants me to pull out my new sewing machine to hem the bottom. Hmmm...what, does she think I haven't used my machine yet? That I am not sewing away at all hours of the day and night.

For a first project EVER, a hem was not a bad way to start. Not only was I able to make it realitively straight, I chose a different style of stitch and was pleased that all around the bottom it looks like little stars have landed on the skirt. I have to send out a big thank-you to her for forcing/encouraging me to take the first step.

The only funny fact, which sis fully admits, is that the skirt is what can only be described as pencil. Watching Vera try to run, jump, and climb into her booster chair with a pencil skirt on is amusing and impossible. The next dress will need to be an A-line.


Anonymous said...

Cool! Sisters are good at providing some stretch.

4th B

Krista said...

Yeah, sorry it's so tight!
I have a green halter at home that I'll try to remember to bring by tomorrow so that you can find some fabric and do the A-line. So proud of you for doing this project, and so quickly so that Vera has a new dress!