Monday, August 24, 2009

SB Sprint Tri

This being the second time I competed in the SB Sprint Triathlon, I fully thought I was prepared and that the nerves would be less. HA! The butterflies in my stomach were eating each other AND the walls of my stomach. It took hours to fall asleep the night before the race and I might have been a bit twitchy the entire week leading up to the big event.

While participating, if I caught my breath once, I don't remember. It all went by in a blur and you truly feel like you are "racing" from one event to the next.

Of course, looking back, I loved it! The adrenaline rush, feeling of success (that I finished), and just being a part of an organized sporting event again. I will do another a couple of years.

You get a gold star if you can find me in the mob!


Julia said...

are you the one wearing the o'neil wetsuit?

Anonymous said...

Awesome! what was your time? Congrats! Can't find you at all :(

Fourth B