Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Remember the post about my mom and the firefighters...well, now it is my dad's turn. We weren't the family that was parked in front of the tv all night. In fact, I can only remember two shows that we watched religiously. The first, "The Cosby Show" where everything was always right with the world. Or, if something went wrong it was easily fixed by a discussion with Bill. Our other show was "Square One." Do you remember it? It was really geeky in a good educational way.

But, there was something other than tv that we were addicted to as a family and that is Atari! Atari was the original video game system. We would spend hours playing River Raid, Breakout, and Space Invaders. They are still fun to play, but "WOW!" the graphics are repetitive after the first 10 minutes and I struggle to remember why we loved it so much. But man we did, my sis and I would spend hours watching my dad shoot the boats and avoid the dreaded flying birds in River Raid. He was a god at that game.

All this leads to the fact that a Space Invaders ice cube tray (thanks Sis!) is right up my alley.

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