Sunday, August 30, 2009

She Did Come From Me

Some call it the witching hour...hmmm...I think of the time between 5-7pm as my own personal parenting test. If I am honest with myself, I am averaging a C right now. Okay, maybe I am not being totally truthful and it is about a C- right now.

Tonight, at around 5:30 our neighbors were having a little dinner party in their backyard. I, on the other hand, had Keller screaming at the top of his lungs because of a diaper rash and no afternoon nap. Vera, being the fantastic big sister, squeezed her little bro's head...just because. And, to quote my dad, "I AM NOT YELLING!" Now, what was I worried about? Maybe I should take care of Keller or somehow make big sis be nice to little bro. Nope. I was just concerned that the neighbors were listening to my kids and thinking I am a bad parent. My priorities need to be straightened!

But, there are some moments that just make up for everything. You know how I know that Vera is our daughter. She was talking in her sleep tonight..."mumble, mumble, so gnarly!"

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