Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mom's Night Out

Wow! How long has it been since I posted? The days are getting away from me a bit right now.

On Monday a group us packed into my car, met some friends at the Ventura Fair, and rocked out to Gretchen Wilson. She is country and for those that don't know she sings, "Redneck Woman."

Thoughts on the night. If I could wear really big Texas hair all of the time, I would. No question about it, I love my hair curled and towering. When I say BIG, my hair can reach Miss America, Texas in the 80s big. I actually have to control myself to tame it a bit so that I am not 7 feet tall and looming over my friends.

We took these pictures and then the battery on my camera died. Thinking back, maybe in the long run that was a good thing. It was fun times for sure, again makes me so thankful for the friends that we have in SB and all that gushy stuff.


nonni said...

OMG, Missy....u look adorable in these pics...I especially like the 2nd one!

Julia said...

love the hair keara! :)