Sunday, August 2, 2009

New and Improved

It has been almost exactly a year since J and I have started saying that we needed to redo the pictures in our house. You know how I know it has been a year...Keller was still missing from our photos. People would ask us about the baby photos on the wall and we would have to admit that they were Keller and Vera was forever suspended at the age of one.

This weekend we attacked this project head-on and love the results. We also had that weird moment where we realized that we disliked many of the pictures that were in the before collage, but were just living with them to not have to do the work to change them.

What do you think?




nonni said...


Anonymous said...

Well done!

Fourth Breakfast

Krista said...

Mr. 1950s is afraid that I'll be wanting to do the same thing now.

NJL said...

Looks great—love the choice of pics and the way the colors lay out.