Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rodeo Time!

Last weekend was Fiesta in Santa Barbara. Viva La Fiesta! This means different things to different SB folks. For some, it is a chance to hibernate in their houses until all festivities are over and the town returns to normal. Yes sis, I am talking about you and the b-i-l. Love you!

For others, there is new stuff to explore and let's be honest...lots and lots of traffic to deal with on the streets. Our new stuff this year included the rodeo. I think I have mentioned, but Vera is now sharing her obsession time equally between dogs and horses. This means she still begs to watch "Dogs 101," but also runs around the house pretending to be a barrel racer. I have to post a picture of her horse as my description of it is in no way going to detail what it actually looks like. It is a floaty/horse ring made for the pool that I found at Ralph's. Got that? I just asked it's name and she said "Horsey" with a look on her face that said I was kind of an idiot for not remembering that one.

But, back to the rodeo. Like most things, it took Vera 20 or so minutes to warm up to the events and to face forward in her seat so that she could see what was happening. The bucking broncos and calf tying were the first two competitions. So, it is not surprising that at first V was a little nervous...even I during the calf tying cringe a little bit. But, the barrel riding, the herding, and the Rainbow Riders all made up for the initial impressions. The Rainbow Riders carried sponsor flags around the arena, with glitter on their horses arses. Yep, that glitter was a major hit with the girls.

On a fully random note, I chose sepia for the screams country to me! :)


Kacie said...

CC loves the pink boots! I see a horse/dog themed 4th birthday party.

nonni said...

love the pics....r the girls the same age?

Krista said...

Those boots are rockin'! They're not quite as cool as rain boots, but still cute with a skirt.

Good Times and Chaos said...

Vera is the younger by a couple of months!