Saturday, August 22, 2009

Atlas + The Dog Beach = Vera Heaven

Having Atlas here has been the best for Vera. But, it doesn't seem to have eased her obsession with pups at all. All day, for each and every day that he has been here, she wants to spend every minute brushing, walking, or ordering him around. Is she trying to wear us down with pure annoyance? If I ask to walk this dog 900 times, will you buy me one of my own?

What is it with boys? And yes, I am sure that plenty of little girls do it as well, but for me it is all about the boy doing it. No matter where we are, or what is around us, Keller finds objects to stand on. Oh a pot, you can turn that over and hop right on. Is the object wobbling and barely balanced, the better to practice my standing and clapping skills. Yep, as soon as he is able to stand on the object he gives himself a little round of applause.

Keller Monster, get it? He has a monster sweatshirt.

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