Sunday, September 12, 2010

8th Anniversary!

J and I celebrated our 8th Wedding Anniversary exactly how we celebrated our wedding, in our bathing suits. We made all of our friends trek it to the Lompoc Aquatic Center to play in the water. It was good times!

Here Keller is with his new mama. A huge shout-out to Am for swimming with Keller during the party while I took pictures and J played. Keller + water is never an easy time and she was awesome.

J playing:

Vera is starting to have an underwater pose. I tell her to go under and she does the thumbs-up sign. Love it!

So fun!

Running from the bucket. I love her expression in this one...cutie pie. After posting the pictures I realized two things. While I have pictures of other people sliding down the "big" slides, none of J and I. And, no bucket photos. A big bucket sits at the top of the play structure, every 2.5 minutes it fills up and the water crashes over the structure in a torrent. Can you tell that Vera was loving it?

After all that play, our crew headed to T-Bell for some munchies!

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