Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Heart DWTS!

Getting DWTS tickets = awesome. 100 degree weather in LA = not cool! ;) After melting in line, we were thankfully let into the auditorium a bit early...the auditorium being air-conditioned.

Did I feel just a little guilty for sneaking my camera into the show...nahhhh! All though I only took it out for a second, quick photo with no flash, and back into the purse it went. Therefore, the only shot I got is a little out of focus, but you get the point.

About the show, love that Sarah Palin was in the audience and that I will now start using the word "exuberance" more often. Jennifer Grey is my favorite and she looks and acts like she is having a blast out there and I am so glad that Bolton is gone!

The cutest part of the whole thing...I was telling J that I hadn't taken a picture where you could see what I was wearing (always a necessity when dressed up). The next day Vera comes out of the gym daycare with this little gem. Yep, that is me in my DWTS dress.

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Kacie said...

OMG, that is a perfect drawing of your dress. It was 113 lady! Thanks again, what a fun day!