Sunday, September 19, 2010

Enthusiasm to Learn

Vera at 4 and a half is the perfect age for preschool and J and I have had many discussions on what to do. Should she be in school? Will her not having gone to preschool socially or academically put her behind? There are so many ways to screw up our child, are we starting early? Parenting seriously is just one question after another on what to do that is best for your child. In the end, our final decision for now ;) is to keep her at home, but expose her to as many classes as possible in the next year. Well, not so many that she becomes a stressed out/burned out little munchkin. But, enough to keep her interested in learning and loving the process.

Her classes this fall are basketball as mentioned in the post before this, swimming, and Enthusiasm to Learn. Little K, Vera's BFF, has nicknamed the class, "The ABC Class."

The ABC Class is amazing. Mrs. Amy, who taught kindergarten at the school where I student taught can not be described in words. Watching her with the kids is inspiring. She has patience, energy, and enthusiasm for both the students and subject matter that she is teaching. I feel so fortunate that Vera gets to have her as a teacher.

As you might guess, the first week started with the Letter A. Vera made thumbprint ants, applesauce and cinnamon air fresheners, mashed an avocado, created an animal hand puppet, and pressed apple prints on the letter A. I have the arts and crafts to prove it...there is going to be a lot of space needed for her school projects.

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