Sunday, September 19, 2010

Disney Live!

Chalk it up as the first time that I have taken Vera to a theater production. With a few friends we headed to dinner and Disney Live!

4 kiddos + 4 adults at dinner = controlled chaos. For the most part, things went very drinks were spilled and food was eaten.

Vera taking a picture of the mamas.

Hello Mickey and Minnie, Vera was so glad to see you! Disney Live was a magic/song and dance show. The magic was impressive, although I cringed when the ladies were cut in half and then put together again with each other's legs. I can't even explain it well on my blog, there is no way I was able to explain it well to Vera. My favorite part, when Jasmine floated through the air. How do they do that?

Cute kiddos + Me

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