Thursday, September 9, 2010

Amapola Ranch

A co-worker of J's spends hours each week riding horses and splitting his time between two different ranches in SB. On Labor Day we were invited to visit him at Amapola Ranch before his morning ride, take a tour of their facilities, and of course see lots and lots of horses.

I found the tack room pretty darn cool.

Thank you Richard for the tour! Here a horse was giving him a little nuzzle. I missed the shot with the horses nose buried in his neck, but still think the interaction between man and animal is awe sweet.

Nothing says horse farm like a manure spreader. All that poo has to go somewhere. In the case of Amapola, it becomes organic fertilizer.

For all her talk, the little chica was nervous. It took her a bit to approach the horse and to feel comfortable enough to give Sunny a little pet.

I think I might be as in love as my daughter.

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Anonymous said...

Like that first pic.

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