Monday, September 27, 2010

Cruising on my 3-Wheeler

J and I decided a walk/ride down by the harbor was the perfect way to end a HOT weekend in Santa Barbara. J, having more energy at that point, got to hurry after Vera on her two-wheeler as she roared down the path. My pace was much more relaxed following the little dude on his trike wearing his new cool kid helmet.

He made it at least a quarter of a mile before deciding that he had gone far enough and needed a break. Yes, I did think it is cute that he parked his bike by the other bigger ones to watch a party boat float by with music blasting and pelicans fighting over tidbits of food on the boat ramp.

I have to enjoy his trike days now, because the 3-wheelers time is limited. Christmas is coming and I know Santa already has a big kid bike planned!
One of our goals during this walk/ride was to see just how far Vera could ride. When J and I run, he has been pushing the kids in a double-stroller...not an easy task when their combined weight is 85 lbs. We toyed with getting a better model, but the chica is just a little tall to be sitting comfortable. It is time for her to get out and stretch those legs.

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