Monday, September 6, 2010

Ray's 3rd B-Day

A party in Los Alamos was on the agenda for Saturday because one of our favorite little friends turned 3. Happy Birthday Ray-Man!! I saw him in the is he 3?

My kiddos wanted to spend the entire party sitting at the table waiting for cake time and in Vera's case, putting her finger in the hole where her tooth used to be.

Awesome orange dinosaur homemade pinata!

Hmm...can you guess which child had a hard time standing in line to wait for his time to hit Mr. Orange Dinosaur?

Very, very inspired by the cake! You go Mrs. cool!

Last but not least, Keller's unhappy time-out face. Even at a party you've got to keep it in control Little Dude.

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Krista said...

With that hat, he definitely looks like Jason's kid!