Friday, October 29, 2010

Disneyland with Opa

Last year at Christmas we had the grand idea of giving my pops a ticket to Disneyland, to be used with us of course. Lucky him. It only took ten months for him to save up enough energy to conquer the happiest place on earth with us.

The man does get big props for driving the entire way down (3.5 lovely hours due to traffic) and the quick 2 back to Santa Barbara. He also gets a gold star for ignoring the fact that I had a temper tantrum in the co-pilot seat due to the above mentioned traffic. I don't handle changes in my schedule very well and I had wanted to be at Disney by 10am. I am working on being a bit more go with the flow and accepting things that I can't change. But, darn it, it is hard.

This picture melts my heart.

One of our main motivations for heading down in October, the AWESOME fall/Halloween decorations.

My hair is getting so long that Keller can play hide-n-seek in it.

All the rides and characters...yet, I still think this is one of the coolest sights of the day. Dude, the praying mantis is a hardcore bug.

Vera owns one princess dress, because as I have mentioned in many posts...I am a mean, mean mama. It happens to be a Belle dress and so she was our top priority princess to see. Like any true girl, Vera spent 15 minutes after meeting Belle debating whether or not she should have worn her Belle dress and was the pink floaty skirt a good decision.

I think the pink floaty skirt was a good decision.

My favorite Keller picture of the day. Goofy got it right, the little dude needed some help to make him look at the camera.

Mickey Mouse!

Really, what a lot of Disney is about.

I heart the castle!

Opa was very impressed with the Halloween Goofy!

You know those moments where you stumble into something really cool, the Disney Parade was one of those times. We were standing behind the "Reserved" seating sign before the parade and the usher offered to let us grab a seat in the good section. The funny part, the entire section was empty except for an Australian family. The dad of that group is writing a travel book and so they actually belonged in the reserved section.

The really cool part about sitting there, Vera got pulled into the performance...AND she went! As many of you know, that is huge for the little girl that still at times hides behind me when we walk into a friend's house.

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