Friday, October 29, 2010

PEP's Rockin' Halloween Celebration

For the last three months I have been organizing PEP's Rockin' Halloween Celebration and Sunday was the day that it all went down. First, because I know she reads my blog, a HUGE thank you to my sister and b-i-l for watching the kiddos with Opa while J and I slaved away getting ready for the event. During the event and for the clean-up afterwards, both J and Opa were put to work hauling tables and watching kiddos. It was a group effort to throw this shin-dig, isn't it great to have family.

PEP's biggest fundraiser of the year is a concert, raffle, trick-or-treating, food, and drink occasion. It takes many volunteers, many hours to prep and organize all the different aspects of what needs to happen.

How do I feel now that the event is over...scattered and still a little overwhelmed, which is very odd. Is it that I would do some things differently? Of course. I think the other reason is that I need to organize all of my random emails and notes taken to get ready for a new volunteer to take it over. Yep, after much stressing out my husband and ignoring my children, the PEP Halloween Event will be organized by a new volunteer. But, I plan to go and have a ton of fun next year! I already have my eye on being a face painter.

Three amigas and a wee one:

Hello Front Table ROCKED it!!

In case I don't say it enough, I love PEP Volunteers!

The Wee Bee Jammies were amazing...their cd is on repeat in my car at the moment.

Again, I feel the love for these women!!

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fourthbreakfast said...

Great job! You are really lucky to have such a great parenting organization near you. I love PEP's slogan--highs and lows.