Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

With J gone on Saturday to a UCLA football game, the munchkins and I were left on our own to entertain ourselves. My brilliant idea, we would carve all three of our pumpkins and have them glowing when Daddy got home. The kids were gung-ho collecting pumpkin seeds and scraping the goo out. Vera was adamant about roasting pumpkin seeds so that was our next project of the day.

I looked for a recipe online. We washed, dried, seasoned, and baked those seeds.

Me: Vera, what do you think?
Vera: They taste a little burnt. (Yes, they were a little brown.)
Me: Well, it is hard to get them exactly right.
Vera: Martha Stewart wouldn't have burnt them.

Truthfully, she probably wouldn't have and I love Martha too, so I just kept mum. No actually I think I just said, "Shhh, eat your pumpkin seeds."

Keller's pumpkin:

Vera's pumpkin:

Mommy's pumpkin:

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