Sunday, October 31, 2010


Joy! Vera wore her cowgirl costume last night. I say this with utter surprise and delight because in the last week she has switched from cowgirl to Belle, Belle to a witch, a witch to Minnie Mouse, and finally back to the cowgirl for trick-or-treating. I heart the cowgirl outfit! Plus, we already had too many photos of the little witch with the green face.

Keller will only wear the bat costume. I have tried at least 5 times to get him into the Bam-Bam outfit that I had made. By made, I mean slaved over with Ta-Ta one Saturday. The Dude was not having anything to do with it! At one point he was in the costume, but wouldn't pose with Pebbles (aka Taylor) and acted like I was torturing him.

Family shot! I think this is the first photo I have where we are all smiling AND looking at the camera since Keller was born. Just so happens, J and I are wearing pizza slices. Classic!

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